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Robert has been lecturing to the Magic Community since 1982. Robert’s first magic lecture, Bengel’s Best of Spades, broke out and became a very well received compilation of effects that gave Robert a good first step into the community.

Robert’s second lecture (major lecture), Back to Basics, became a highly sought-out lecture in the United States in the early 90s. Robert’s third major lecture, Back to Basics II, was the logical follow up to Back to Basics, adding more audience-tested routines, concepts, teaching on Timing and Misdirection, and a section dedicated to friends of Robert’s with great subtleties that will make anyone’s itinerary more professional, and more commercial.

Robert has done numerous “one-off lectures” for conventions, workshops, seminars, etc. in the magic community. Having refined his skills/talents in the corporate world, Robert has transcended these skills into the magic community, giving all of the information needed to better one’s skills and understanding of magic, close-up magic, and most importantly, presentations skills.

Here is a list of Robert’s Lectures and published materials:

Bengel’s Best of Spades     Back to Basics     Back to Basics II     Corporate Magic     Matrix Notes     My Multiple Location     And many more…

Email, or call, Robert and have him at your next magic meeting for a “close-up” lecture that goes well beyond effects, you will walk away with information on presentation, misdirection, timing, routining, corporate magic, etc.

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