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Robert has a new, 3-DVD, set that is geared toward teaching the true fundamentals of magic for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced artist looking to improve his/her skills. The DVDs were shot with a different approach, teaching basic sleights in a way to improve your overall performance and presentation.

Clever, and innovative, use of “cut-aways” to give you a better perspective and cleaner look at the critical aspects of every sleight. Studying, and perfecting, the foundations will improve your performances and your overall presentation skills – because you will be concentrating on presenting and not sleights.

The second and third DVDs dig deeper into the corporate world, offering insight and tips on working corporate events. Putting all three DVDs together, this will become a staple in your magic library, giving you a great reference site to learn a sleight, or determine how to routine effects to put a revenue-earning set together for your next big show.

Mirrors and Smoke:

DVD #1: Price: $35.00               DVD #3: Price: $35.00

DVD #2: Price: $35.00               Complete Set: $95.00

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